Composr installer: step 1 of 10

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Support for LiteSpeed is not-actively-maintained.

You appear to have ModSecurity (or a similar web application firewall) that is blocking some legitimate software requests with a status code of '403'. Web application firewalls are legitimate tools but are designed to be configured by expert programmers; unfortunately many webhosts deploy them indiscriminately. We will try and work around the issue on any key screens that are likely to cause false positives but we cannot guarantee this will work perfectly.

The PHP intl extension is not available. This means a number of internationalization features will not be available.

Your server has a very low PHP memory limit, and the developers cannot guarantee that Composr will be able to function within this limit. Once you have installed the .user.ini file may override this but it may not work on all webhosts. If you cannot override or change the limit, consult your webhost; Composr may function to some degree, but problems will occur in numerous areas if more than a little content is added.

You appear to either be on a suEXEC server. That's great because it means your site will be more secure and you will not need to set the extra permissions mentioned in the installation tutorial.

You appear to be installing via the official GitLab repository. This is not intended for end-users and will lead to a bloated insecure site. You should use an official package from the Composr download page.

Version 11-alpha1
Composr, created by ocProducts